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Beatles.ru club sent an open letter to Sir Paul McCartney with a request to perform a special song at his concert in Moscow

Dear Paul!
We would like to address you on behalf of millions of your fans in the former Soviet Union.
We have a special request and would like to ask you to do one song that you’re not playing this time in your “On the Run” tour.
In order to find out what song is especially popular with your fans, we, supported by your Moscow promoter SAV Entertainment, took a vote among the fans on the website www.beatles.ru, which currently has over 25000 members, and in the three social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte.
We made a list of 40 songs that are not included in the “On the Run” tour setlist and asked your fans to pick that they love the most. Following the voting results, we ended up with the five songs listed below (in order of the allocation of votes):
  1. Monkberry Moon Delight (this song won by a wide margin)
  2. Hope of Deliverance
  3. Once Upon a Long Ago
  4. Lovely Rita
  5. Your Mother Should Know
It’s very likely that after reading this you’ll think that your Russian fans’ choice is quite unusual. That is why we would like to explain why people have picked those songs.
It was very difficult to find a way to listen to music from abroad in Soviet times. The only songs we could hear on the radio, TV and stage were those approved by the Ministry of Culture. The only way to listen to the bands from other parts of the world was to get a hold of the magnetic tape recordings or so called gramophone records “on bones”.
Back in the 70s “Monkberry Moon Delight” was released as a bootleg, people would listen to this record over and over again, and it's fair to say that this song became your first major solo hit in the USSR and it never lost its status. Even though music fans and amateur rock bands didn’t speak English well enough, they were immediately hooked by a remarkably catchy tune and would sing it with abandon at the parties.

Complete text of the letter here.

Русская версия письма находится здесь.

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