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GEORGE HARRISON: Living In The Material World

Premiere: London, Sunday 2nd October 2011
UK Cinema Release Date: Tuesday 4th October 2011
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date in Europe: Monday 10th October 2011
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Produced by: Olivia Harrison, Martin Scorsese, Nigel Sinclair
Starring: Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Yoko Ono, Tom Petty, Phil Spector, Dhani Harrison, Olivia Harrison, George Martin, Jeff Lynne
Runtime: Approx. 3 hours 29 minutes

The limited-edition Deluxe version is packaged in a bespoke picture frame box with easel back for photo display, and includes 2 DVDs and one Blu-ray featuring the film plus 11 bonus features, a 10-track CD of previously-unreleased recordings, 2 exclusive lithographs, and a 96-page book.

My Sweet Lord (demo)
Run Of The Mill (demo)
I’d Have You Any Time (early take)
Mama You’ve Been On My Mind (demo)
Let It Be Me (demo)
Woman Don’t You Cry For Me (early take)
Awaiting On You All (early take)
Behind That Locked Door (demo)
All Things Must Pass (demo)
The Light That Has Lighted The World (demo)

DVD Bonus Features:  (*exclusive to Deluxe Edition)
George plays the Uke*
Deep Blue*
Here Comes The Sun
Dispute and Violence
Growing Up In Liverpool*
Paul McCartney
Neil Aspinall*
The Inner Light*
Jeff Lynne
Gordon Murray*
Damon Hill

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