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A Meat Free Monday Message to Schools from Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has posted a new video supporting the Meat Free Monday campaign.
One of the most prominent vegetarians in the music world, Sir Paul McCartney has spent decades advocating the health benefits of a meat free diet. Now the singer has posted a fresh video, throwing his support behind a new scheme in British schools.
Meat Free Monday invites schools to remove meat from their menu each Monday. An easy way to introduce healthier food, it expands the awareness of vegetarianism amongst young people.
Continually expanding, Meat Free Monday has found a famous advocate. Paul McCartney has thrown his weight behind the campaign, using a new video message to describe it as an “accessible idea that it isn’t that difficult to do”.
The eight-minute video was shown over the weekend at The Sunday Times Festival of Education, and has now been placed online.
Finishing, Paul McCartney emphasised the importance of young people becoming vegetarians. “Younger people particularly (have said), ‘We really love this idea, because it gives us some way of helping to save our future, helping to save this planet and helping to avoid the catastrophes that climate change could cause’,” he adds. “It’s the kids themselves that give us hope for the future.”

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