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John Lennon - Yer Blues (SRS Records, no #)

Artist: John Lennon
Title Of Album: Yer Blues
Year Of Release: 1990
Label: SRS records
Genre: Rock, Blues
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 1:08:33
Total Size: 366 Mb

01. Only People (Rough Mix)
02. Move Over Ms. L (Acoustic Demo)
03. Forgive Me (My Little Flower Princess - Acoustic Demo)
04. Rock And Roll People (Unreleased Version #2)
05. Luck Of The Irish (Acoustic Demo)
06. No. 9 Dream (Acoustic Demo)
07. Mother (Tremelo Guitar Demo Dream)
08. Stranger Room (Piano Demo)
09. Bring On The Lucie (Freeda People - Alternate Mix)
10. Clean Up Time (Piano Demo)
11. Yer Blues (Rock and Roll Circus - Instrumental Rehearsal)
12. Warm Up Jam (Rock and Roll Circus)
13. Yer Blues (Rock and Roll Circus - Finished Take)
14. John Henry (Electric "Live" Version)
15. I'm Losing You (Rough Mix)
16. Love (Tremelo Guitar Demo)
17. Out The Blue (Alternate Mix)
18. What You Got (Acoustic Demo)
19. Real Love (Acoustic Demo - Take 4)
20. Bony Maronie (Rough Mix)

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Olympics One Week From Today ('Who Pulled The Plug...?')

After the incident in London's Hyde Park Paul McCartney banters...

The Old Grey Whistle Test Live - Bob Harris Interview & Track

The legendary Old Grey Whistle Test returns with their third album in the series. The album features Julian Lennon performing a live version of "Stand By Me" recorded at last year's 40th anniversary BBC Radio 2 show, produced and presented by Bob Harris. The album is lovingly packed in reverse board digipack and comes with sleeve-notes written by Bob himself.
This 3CDs box was released on the 11th of June 2012 (Rhino label).

Disc 1
01.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-American Girl
02.Elton John - Tiny Dancer
03.Daryl Hall & John Oates - She's Gone
04.Van Morrison - Into The Mystic
05.Gary US Bonds-This Little Girl
06.Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge - Help Me Make It Through The Night
07.Graham Nash- Another Sleep
08.David Gates & Bread - Baby I'm A Want You
09.Suzanne Vega-Luka
10.Lindisfarne-Meet Me On The Corner
11.Tom Waits-Burma Shave
12.Poco- Just You & Me new
13.Brinsley Schwarz - Hooked On Love
14.George Benson - Breezin'
15.Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

Disc 2
01.Lynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home Alabama
02.Argent - God Gave Rock And Roll To Us
03.The Doobie Brothers - Rockin' Down The Highway
04.Rory Gallagher - Bullfrog Blues
05.Captain Beefheart - Upon The My O My
06.Sensational Alex Harvey Band- Delilah
07.The Waterboys-This Is The Sea
08.The Ramones- Medley (Don't Come Close/She's The One/ Go Mental)
09.The Cult -Love Removal Machine
10.The Undertones -Jimmy Jimmy
11.Aztec Camera-Walk Out To Winter
12.Tubeway Army-Are Friends Electric ?
13.Television- Fox Hole
14.Blondie-Heart Of Glass
15.Nine below Zero- Stone Fox Chase (Theme From The OGWT)

Disc 3
01.Paul Weller - English Rose
02.Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
03.Ian Anderson - Mother Goose
04.Loudon Wainwright-Swimming Song
05.Gordon Giltrap - Heartsong
06.Gregg Allman - I Can't Be Satisfied
07.Nil Lofgren- Long May You Run
08.Julian Lennon - Stand By Me
09.Joan Armatrading - Empty Highway
10.Judy Tzuke - Stay With Me 'Till Dawn
11.Kiki Dee- Running Up That Hill
12.Nick Lowe - Sensitive Man
13.Steve Harley - Friend For life
14.Ralph McTell - Zimmerman Blues
15.Thomas Dolby-I Scare Myself
16.Chuck Prophet - Summertime Thing
17.Gang Of Four-Not Great men
18.Billy Bragg - A13
19.John Otway - Cor Baby (That's Really Free)
20.Yusaf/Cat Stevens- Trouble

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It was 55 years ago!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
The Quarrymen (also written as "The Quarry Men") were a British skiffle and rock and roll group, formed by John Lennon in Liverpool in 1956,[2] which eventually evolved into The Beatles in 1960. Originally consisting of Lennon and several schoolfriends, the Quarrymen took their name from a line in the school song of Quarry Bank High School, which they attended. Lennon's mother, Julia Lennon, taught her son to play the banjo and then showed Lennon and Eric Griffiths how to tune their guitars in a similar way to the banjo, and taught them simple chords and songs.
Lennon started a skiffle group that was very briefly called the Blackjacks, but changed the name before any public performances. Some accounts credit Lennon with choosing the new name. Other accounts credit his close friend Pete Shotton with suggesting the name. The Quarrymen played at parties, school dances, cinemas and amateur skiffle contests before Paul McCartney joined the band in October 1957. George Harrison joined the band in early 1958 at McCartney's recommendation, though Lennon initially resisted because he felt Harrison (still only 14 when he was first introduced to Lennon) to be too young. Both McCartney and Harrison attended the Liverpool Institute.
The group made an amateur recording of themselves in 1958, performing Buddy Holly's "That'll Be the Day" and "In Spite of All the Danger", a song written by McCartney and Harrison. In early 1960, the group started exploring various alternative names. After Lennon recruited his art school pal Stuart Sutcliffe to the group, they tried the name the Silver Beetles and other variations, before finally settling on The Beatles in August 1960 when they first performed in Hamburg. In 1997 the five surviving original members of the group (all except the deceased Lennon) reunited to perform at the 40th anniversary celebrations of the garden fete performance at which Lennon and McCartney met for the first time. The band decided to continue playing, and since 1998 have performed in many countries throughout the world. Griffiths died in 2005, and Shotton retired due to ill-health. As of 2011, three founding members are still actively performing as The Quarrymen.

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Lennon autograph is the real deal

In 1964, two clever Beatles fans in Kentucky wrote to the maitre d' of the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., asking, "If you happen to find any Beatles autographs lying around, would you mind sending them to us?"

The Beatles stayed at the Deauville while performing on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in February '64.

Hey, why not take a shot?

A few days later, a package arrived on the Beatles fans' doorstep. Inside was a room-service menu with "John Lennon" scribbled on it and a publicity shot of the Beatles supposedly signed by Ringo Starr.

This week, nearly a half-century later, the PBS show "History Detectives" will help the two fans find out if their Beatles autographs are real …

… or, like many celebrity autographs floating around the Internet memorabilia market, 100 percent fake, not worth a dime.

"History Detectives" airs at 8 p.m. Tuesday on Channel 8.

Lennon's autograph is the most collectible and valuable of all the Beatles', according to the show. Depending on its condition and what it's written on, a Lennon signature is worth "between $1,000 up to $100,000."

The market for Lennon memorabilia is booming for several reasons.

One, he is a music legend, the founder of the Beatles, the biggest act in show-business history.

Two, he isn't signing autographs next weekend at a baseball-card show in some hotel lobby. Lennon was murdered in 1980.

Three, he's John Lennon!

I had fun watching a preview of "History Detectives" until I heard that "up to $100,000" figure. That caught my attention.

I have a John Lennon-autographed album, beautifully framed, on my living room wall.

And I don't have to wonder if it's real or fake. The autographed album was given to me by Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono. It's real, all right.

Back story: About 15 years ago, I did a freelance job for Ono. When I was finished, her representative called and asked how much I was going to charge her. I said, "Nothing. I'm a huge Beatles fan. I can't take her money."

But I did throw in some fine print … "if she'll do a phone interview with me for the Houston Chronicle."

She called. I did the interview. The column ran. That was the first of a few times she's called for my column.

A few weeks later, her representative called again and said Ono wanted to give me a present. I should stay home the next day for when it arrived.

I love presents! I love when the UPS truck pulls up in front of my house.

The driver handed me a large square package. Inside was a framed copy of Lennon's solo debut album, "Plastic Ono Band."

It took a while for me to realize that the album was autographed. And not only did Lennon sign it, he drew a funny little cartoon of himself.

On the back was a letter of authenticity.

"This certifies this is an original album hand-signed by John Lennon with original self-portrait drawing - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band debut solo album, 1970."

"Up to …" how much again?

As far as Lennon autographs go, this would be hard to top.

It's not personalized, "To so-and-so," which reduces the value of an autograph. Buyers don't want an autograph on a restaurant napkin saying, "Dominic, great veal parm, Rodney Dangerfield."

My autographed "Plastic Ono Band" album is in perfect, mint condition, never circulated, no fingerprints, price tags or smudge marks.

The value of a celebrity autograph is determined by many factors - the most important being, is it real? My Lennon autograph is authentic. I didn't buy it off a table at a rock-memorabilia show or from a secondary market Internet dealer.

I've met many famous people along my way, but I've saved only a handful of autographs. I have a personal note from President George H.W. Bush, a press badge signed by President Bill Clinton, boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali, a baseball signed by Willie Mays, a tennis ball signed by Chris Evert and an original Donnay racket signed by Bjorn Borg.

I also have a photograph signed by Paul McCartney, but it's not worth nearly as much as the Lennon autograph. Paul is not dead. He is fan-friendly, a comparative autograph-signing machine.

Also, Paul is Paul, and John was John.

I don't know what to do with my autographed Lennon album. If I sold it, I wouldn't know how much to ask. I watch "Pawn Stars," and the gun expert says Davy Crockett's rifle, "Old Betsy," is worth $500,000 … and then Big Hoss offers the shnook $750.
I have never been turned down for an autograph. Three times, I was given one I didn't ask for. Astros announcer Milo Hamilton gave me a short stack of vanity baseball cards he already signed. Vaudeville entertainer Rudy Vallee gave me an autographed copy of his autobiography. And former Channel 11 sports anchor Gifford Nielsen signed our score sheet after we bowled in a charity event. I beat him by 50 pins. I should have given him my autograph.

Value is based on only one thing - what somebody is willing to pay for it. Jeremy Lin is a $25 million basketball player because the Houston Rockets are willing to pay $25 mil. I know that "Linsanity" will sell tickets, but winning will sell even more.

I don't want to sell the Lennon album. I love showing it to guests. I don't have too many things that nobody else has.

But I also have a kid who just got his driver's permit. I could probably flip it into a cool ride.


Ringo Starr July 2012 Update

Ringo talks about celebrating his birthday in Nashville Tennessee, the Moment Of Peace at the Hard Rock Cafe and playing at the world famous Ryman Auditorium, mother church of country music. And a few of his special guests.

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Ringo Starr marks his birthday with 'peace and love'

Nashville (CNN) -- There is a quiet hum in the air. Moments later, it's clear why.
Ringo Starr sweeps in, and it feels like a cool breeze has washed over the room despite the sweltering 100-degree Southern summer heat outside.

Ringo Starr still rocking out at 72

His apparel is basic but he exudes "rock star" -- strolling in wearing a pinstriped blazer, a T-shirt, dark jeans and sneakers.
Two silver pendants adorn his neck: The longer of the two is a signature peace sign; the other, fashioned from a 45 LP adapter that was immediately given to him when he remarked to its former owner how much he liked it.
Such is Starr's charm.
Despite being accompanied by no fewer than 15 people, he is disarmingly self-deprecating and modest.

Starr talks about his new album

Starr, one of two living members of the Beatles and winner of nine Grammy Awards, turned 72 on Saturday. He spent his birthday with fans and fellow musicians at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville.
As he always does on his birthday, he celebrates a moment of peace and love at the stroke of noon, and encouraged everyone else to do the same.
"Wherever you are -- on a bus, in the office, in the studio, hanging out ... whatever you're doing, at noon, just go, 'Peace and love.' That's all I ask for my birthday. Peace and love."
A vegetarian, he attributes his trim physique to Pilates and a sensible diet.
"I work out quite a lot, and you know, broccoli is my main course, stuff like that. So, you know, that's how I do it. Just keep yourself fit," he says. "So as long as you do something physical, you know, keep moving."

Starr's life in pictures

Keep moving he does -- weaving through the crowd of well-wishers, family and friends with an easy affability.
Not surprisingly, security is tight. He nonetheless radiates warmth, shaking hands cordially with strangers and exchanging affectionate hugs with friends.
And it's quite a group of friends he has. Fellow members of his ever-rotating All-Starr band are there in full force: Toto's Steve Lukather with his signature goatee; music producer extraordinaire Todd Rundgren and his instantly recognizable white-and-black mane; a young-looking Richard Page from Mr. Mister; Santana's Gregg Rolie sporting aviators.
Country star Vince Gill, Ed Roland from Atlanta-based Collective Soul, Jeff Russo of Tonic, and Roy Orbison Jr. are also on hand to pay tribute to the British icon.
The Eagles' legendary Joe Walsh pops his head in during the interview, and jokingly says he'll interrupt and take a seat on Starr's lap.
Starr pretends to be aggrieved. "I have to let him in. He's the brother-in-law. It's a family thing!"
He's referring to his wife of 31 years, Barbara Bach, whose sister Walsh wed three years ago.
Outside the Hard Rock, hundreds are thronging for the chance to get up close and personal with their idol.
Jamie Donaldson traveled from California with her husband and two kids for this moment. "I just can't believe I'm here," she said. "This has just been my dream for so long to see a living Beatle in person, and Ringo is just the best!"
She admits it's almost unbearably hot outside, but, "It's worth it!"
One woman holds a sign that reads, "Ringo, sign my son!" Another holds a sign that says, "You hugged me in 1964, please do it again".
The crowd breaks into an excited chatter when Starr's inner circle lines up on the stage. When the man himself emerges from the restaurant, the screams and shouts crescendo.
Starr is about to begin the countdown to shout "peace and love" at noon when out of nowhere a loud, monotonous tone begins to blare.
Undeterred, Starr continues on, and as if listening to the intended message, the tone silences just in time as the count reaches "one."
"Peace and love!" everyone shouts in unison.
To the delight of the crowd, Starr's friends and family, partly led by saxophonist Mark Rivera, begin to sing a John Lennon anthem.
"All we are saying, is give peace a chance." Starr sings the last line loudly into the microphone, waving both hands in the signature "peace" sign high in the air.
The crowd watching is hugging, laughing and crying.
Happy 72nd birthday, Ringo Starr.