воскресенье, 17 февраля 2013 г.

Tony Sheridan R.I.P.

Breaking news: Ted Taylor has just announced in Facebook that the English vocalist and guitarist, Tony Sheridan, has passed away:

Confirmation regarding Tony Sheridan.
Tony could always see a bright light, at the end of a dark road, now he has reached this bright light, and may he rest in eternal peace.
The World will never forget his talent, and inspiration, that he gave to us all. R.I.P. Tony Sheridan.
Our beloved father and friend!
Thank you for your love and inspiration.
You left us today at 12:00 pm.

Your loving family,
Wendy, Bennet, Felim, Amber and Arunima
Rosi and Ricky
The close family and friends

Sheridan was a popular entertainer in Hamburg and was teamed with The Beatles as his backing band for a 1962 recording session.

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