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Paul McCartney Concert Includes Adorable Onstage Marriage Proposal

A Brazilian Beatles fan proposed to his girlfriend with a little help from his friend -- Sir Paul McCartney himself!

An audience member at McCartney's concert in Fortaleza, Brazil last Thursday had been holding a sign that said, "Paul, I want to propose to my love onstage. Would you bless us?" So McCartney paused the show for a few minutes to give these superfans an unforgettable engagement story.

"Listen, we have a special thing tonight. One of the signs in the audience was for a boy and a girl. And the boy said he wants to propose to his girlfriend onstage. What do you think? Yeah?" McCartney said, giving the thumbs-up sign. "We gotta do it."

The couple came onstage and, after a little prompting from McCartney, the groom-to-be got on one knee, pulled out a ring, and popped the question in Portuguese.

After she said, "yes," McCartney enveloped the couple in a group hug.

"Oh yeah, that's a first," he quipped.

Watch the proposal in the video above (posted to YouTube on Tuesday).

For music fans, there's probably no better way to propose than onstage at a rock concert. Keyshia Cole facilitated an onstage marriage proposal at a concert in March, and Foster The People also let a couple get engaged onstage at a concert in 2012.

Check out 10 of the best proposals of all time in the slideshow below.

Молодой парень на концерте Пола Маккартни в Fortaleza, Бразилия (9.05.2013) держал в руках плакат: "Пол, я хочу предложить свою любовь на сцене. Вы бы благословили нас?" Маккартни остановил шоу на несколько минут, чтобы дать этим суперфанам осуществить желаемое.

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